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User Interface (UI) Programmer - AAA - Netherlands Posted Aug 02
Interactive selection , Netherlands (Netherlands )
Far too often, user interfaces are the unsung heroes of any video game production. We are looking for a UI Programmer to join the internal UX Team and contribute to developing AAA game UIs.

What you will do:
As a member of the UX Team, you will work together with the Core Design Team to implement the user interface of an epic open world game;
You will work with experienced Coders, UX Designers and UI Artists to build consistent, pixel-perfect HD and UHD user interfaces that are localized in over 21 languages (including right-to-left languages);
You will improve and maintain existing user interface features.
You will implement and optimize the widgets used to realize the user interface.
You will work together with System Programmers who are continually improving and implementing new UI features for the Decima engine.

Who you are:
You have at least 3 years previous experience as a programmer in the games industry or a related industry;
You’re passionate about games and creating games;
You understand the importance of good UX design and how it will affect the level of engagement our players have with the game;
You enjoy working in an innovative, highly dynamic game development environment with people from various disciplines;
You’re ambitious, and even though you value tried-and-tested methods, you don’t shy away from trying something radical or new every now and then;
You are experienced in C++ or other object-oriented programming languages;
You are familiar with common user interface design patterns like MVC, command pattern, delegation;
You are comfortable working within a very large existing codebase and toolset;
You have an acute eye for pixel perfect user interfaces and care deeply about the smallest of details;
You’re skilled in 2D digital content tools such as Photoshop;
You can optimize code for performance, size, scalability and clarity;
You always keep accessibility in mind to ensure an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible.

You have a helpful, solution-oriented attitude;
You have experience in areas like animation, shader programming, scripting, UX design, and UI asset pipelines;
You have experience shipping network enabled code, online games.

Ref: 3062..We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and does not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds