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Senior VFX Artist - British Games Developer - London Posted Jan 05
Interactive Selection , United Kingdom (london)
We are working with a London based developer to find a Senior VFX Artist who will be responsible for the quality and production of the VFX within their games.
The Senior VFX Artist will be involved in all stages of the project, from initial concepts, to the completion of a finished product.

Role Responsibilities:
To produce great VFX giving surplus quality to both art and design.
To continually drive to improve the overall style and quality of the game’s visuals and VFX content and make suggestions where relevant.
To take on extra responsibility such as special requests, investigating new problems, and be up for more unusual and challenging work
To be proactive with problem solving across the team and pre-emptive call out dependencies.
To be responsible for ensuring that you are confident with your assigned work load(Self-regulating, organising and be independent worker)
To be responsible for ensuring your schedule is an accurate reflection of the work you complete each week.
Liaison with VFX, Design and Art leads where relevant to plan and schedule VFX dependencies.
Be a positive, active, and contributing team member
To work productively and effectively with the other departments, the Producer, Design and Art Director
Develop strong work relations with the other teams.
To help team members to improve their skill sets
To communicate with the other disciplines on the team in a technical and creative level


Have relevant experience in all fields related to VFX
Exceptional work that raises the quality and visual bar of project significantly.
Self-organising and self-scheduling.
Excellent understanding of Particle creation for realtime effects.
Strong understanding of particle distribution, artistic clumping of particles, artistic controlled randomisation and variation,… the essentials of what puts apart a generic looking effect from a great looking effect.
Experience with any game editor. (Preferably Unreal. In particular cascade.)
Solid working knowledge with 3d Studio max and Photoshop. (Knowledge of other 3D authoring package but willing to learn and transfer skillset to 3D Max)
Strong Visual understanding of natural phenomena. (waves, lightning, electricity, ...) and be able to create such effects.
Being able to stylise effects according to feedback/Art direction.
Take on board and implement given feedback with quick turnarounds.
Excellent Shader understanding related to transparency, animated alpha erosion, material blending modes,…
Strong Understanding of fantastic/magical phenomena and be able to visualise/create such unreal effects in a believable fashion.
Understanding of traditional arts and fundamental art concepts. (Use of colour, contrast, composition, form,…)
Understanding of traditional animation weighting, timing, key-framing. (Especially when it comes to natural and fantastic phenomena)
Solid Technical and problem solving skills.
Proficient in creation of Textures. (Related to VFX).
Knowledge in Modelling and UV mapping of basic props.
In-depth understanding of animating UVs (related to VFX), Shaders, Flipbook Textures,…

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