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Senior Graphics Programmer - AAA - Netherlands Posted Nov 08
Interactive Selection , Netherlands (Netherlands)
We are seeking an experienced and capable Senior Graphics Programmer to enhance the Decima engine team building and extending the Decima engine. We work together with technical artists and designers to create graphics features and enhance workflows. We take pride in designing and implementing real-time rendering techniques and optimizing them to the fullest! 

What you will do:
Implement graphic features into our game engine Decima;
Ensure all artwork designed by our artists (such as character- and environment artists) will function according to spec in our game(s);
Analyze complex requirements and programming structures and turn them into simple, effective designs with even better implementations;
Produce systems that are efficient, focused on scalability, performance and memory usage and easy to maintain;
Produce systems according to specs of the end users (such as 3D artists, game designers and other coders).

Who you are:
Two or more years of experience as a graphics programmer;
Experience in working at the OS or Hardware level as well as designing high-level systems;
Expert skills in the fields of graphics, rendering, compute, shading and optimization or any combination thereof;
Very good knowledge of the mathematics behind 3D graphics;
Expertise in C++ and shading languages and great skills in OpenGL/Vulkan, DirectX and/or GNM;
Excellent data structure and algorithm knowledge;
Experience with multithreaded programming;
Knowledge of the inner workings of current GPU architectures and/or experience in optimizing code to the last cycle is a plus;
Additional experience in designing and implementing parallel/distributed systems is desired.

Ref: 3124..We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and does not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds