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Lead Cinematics Animator - AAA - London Posted Jul 28
Interactive Selection , United Kingdom (London)

We are looking for an exceptionally talented Lead Cinematic Animator who will report to the Animation Director.

Are you ready for the challenge to take on board an industry wide established and recognised group of Cinematic Animators?, to lead them forward into a new frontier of AAA cinematic storytelling for their next AAA titles?

Key Responsibilities:

Lead a team with an industrial wide reputation, with a fresh and solid creative vision for the project.
Ensure high end Cinematic and Artist quality of all scenes produced from the Cinematic team.
Responsible for Directing actors and scenes in full performance captures.
Meet strict production deadlines/goals, and be malleable and have clear strategies for times of change, due to the nature of gaming schedules.
Conduct regular reviews and manage the Cinematic Animation team to excellence.
To Manage the Cinematic Animation backlogs, bugs and risks in an effective manner, to ensure smooth running of the department.
To Oversee, advise and drive the Cinematic Animation team to ensure high quality results and efficient working practices.
Build and maintain close working relations with the Animation and Art Directors.
Liaise with key members of staff and dependency departments, to identify workflow issues and potential requirements.
Create, oversee and keep updated on all relevant documentation for the project(s).
Ability to interview and hire exceptional members of staff when staffing plans need addressing (when required).
Be the spokesperson for Cinematics in house and externally (when it comes to press interviews and external partners).


Perform numerous desk to desk informal reviews with members of staff.
Distribute workloads to members of staff according to individual skillsets in a bid to get the best cinematic assets possible.
Encourage/promote new learnings from members of staff based on individual staff requirements.
Work alongside Production to create, manage and own the Cinematic backlogs.
Liaise closely with the Script, VFX, Audio, Character and Design teams to ensure cohesive shared goals and dependency awareness.
Work closely with the Mocap Lead to ensure they are excelling in motion capture technologies and workflows.
Work closely with the Animation Director, Mocap, Character and TA Leads to ensure they are excelling in Facial Capture systems and workflows.
Build lighting rigs/sets for Cinematic scenes - working closing with the Lighting team for consistent goals.
Breakdown scripts into storyboard/animatics for clarity and direction for the team (if and when required).
Organise, run and direct mocap shoots for scenes that are produced.
Be an integral part of the actor hiring process when it comes to external body/face/voice actor searches.
Review and fine tweak (where necessary) the final touches for all scenes produced by Cinematics.
Scope, manage and run the Outsource plans for Cinematics when required.

Technical Requirements

An exceptional understanding and demonstrative skills of storytelling and cinematography.
Expert skills in interactive storytelling.
Expert skills in cinematic lighting.
Expert skills in Actor Direction, Motion Capture shoots, and AAA cinematic pipelines.
Expert knowledge of games and up to date with all cutting edge story telling methods in gaming.
Excellent knowledge in Motion Builder.
Sequencer, Kismet, Matinee and general UE4 experience is beneficial.
3Ds Max experience is beneficial.
Maya experience is beneficial.
Knowledge of Excel and other MS Office products.
Meticulous working methods and well organised.
Skill Requirements
Able to work well on their own to develop ideas, vision and direction for the team, as well as a part of the larger team.
Self-motivated to learn new techniques and methods.
Capable of writing detailed documentation.
Exceptional communication skills, including morale, influence and motivation skills.
Exceptional eye for detail.
Exceptional ability to Lead.
Strong animation background.

Ref:2670.. We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and does not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds