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Design Director - AAA - London Posted Sep 13
Interactive Selection , United Kingdom (London)
Reporting to the Creative Director, the Design Director is responsible for delivering high quality design for all facets of the game. They hold the vision for the design and development of game universe, story and experience, and all types of gameplay mechanics.

They are responsible for approvals of final content, and are a creative leader to the team.
The Design Director works in partnership with the team crafting and delivering great design. They collaborate with leads and executives to improve the design by hiring, growing internal talent, improving workflow, and solving problems. They identify and communicate game goals and risks, on an ongoing basis, to both internal and external stakeholders in the project(s).
You will oversee all aspects of the Game Design and be working alongside the Creative Director and other Design Directors, generating and improving the design, leading by example, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in video games creativity. They will be one of the lead spokespersons for the game.

Key Responsibilities

Work closely with Creative Director and Design Director to generate the vision for the game
Lead the design of the game in the creation of iconic and high-quality experience. Drive all aspects of the creation of design, planning, review, scripting, problem solving, and delivery.
Create high quality design by taking creative risks, embracing bold designs, and infusing every level with unique traits and characteristics.
Be a point of contact for any day-to-day game design queries and any design or feature meetings that may come up
Work very closely with the Creative Director and Art Team to ensure that all designs service both gameplay and art work.
Collaborate with the Production team and Leads to define and drive the design to the highest quality possible.
Ensure that all design development supports the core design guides as envisioned by the Creative and Art Director.
Work closely with the production team to create schedules for the level development and any outsourcing groups.
Take creative risks, take on new challenges, be direct and open towards managing the team, and work hard.
Inspire, motivate, manage, and mentor other designers and be willing to be as hands on as is required.
Embrace a cycle of “prototyping, iteration and polish” in all areas.
Work closely with other team members to create and troubleshoot construction pipelines as needed.
Collaborate with Marketing and PR team to be a public spokesperson for design, and create and deliver high quality assets in support of the game as necessary.
Be a role model for all team members by underscoring and emphasizing project and company goals, providing feedback on performance, and mentoring and training designers in aesthetic, design, and production skills.
Contribute innovative, original, and unique ideas toward all aspects of the game’s production and development.
Creates a positive, forward-focused environment that identifies and prioritizes issues for solution.
Coordinates and liaises with all necessary departments and divisions to facilitate execution of projects and materials in a professional and client-centric manner. This includes keeping Producer and other Leads apprised of products status.
Creates a positive, forward-focused environment that identifies and prioritizes issues for solution.

Experience & Qualifications

Proven track record as a Game Director / Design Director on at least 2 successfully-published game titles, participating in development from concept to publishing stage.
10+ years game design experience - shipping AAA titles
Expertise with setting the design vision. Strong presentation and writing skills geared towards building design documentation.
Passion for personally creating high-quality design, and a willingness to wear different “hats” as necessary to ensure the best possible game development.
Ability to communicate, present and sell to all game development functions including the development team, publisher, and press.
Experience working in fast-moving development environments.
Excellent communication and general written skills.
Strong passion for gaming is a must.

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