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C/C++ Graphics Developer AAA Denmark Posted Jan 13
Interactive Selection , Denmark (Copenhagen)
This state-of-the-art AAA games studio based in Copenhagen is looking for a C/C++ graphics developer to work on their multiplatform AAA titles.  

You will join a small team of render programmers and focus on making a state of the art renderer, running on multiple platforms at a stable frame rate.

You will develop and maintain render features driving the next game and optimize code and data structures to deliver the best possible performance. In addition, you will maintain code running across multiple platforms.

Your role:
Develop render features
Write, optimise, maintain and debug code and data structures

At least one graphics API
knowledge of hardware – both CPU & GPU. 
good math skills (linear algebra, trig etc.)
Masters Degree in Computer Science a bonus
3+ years in AAA game development
Deferred and forward rendering
Understanding of shadow maps, stencil shadows, antialiasing, SSAO
Experience with culling techniques: incl. frustum and culling, portals...and large scenes 

Ref:2401.,.We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and do not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds.