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C++ Senior Systems Developer Wanted AAA North Holland Posted May 04
Interactive Selection , Netherlands (Netherlands )
Our Client is looking for a Senior Systems Programmer to help improve their core engine. The core engine is in charge of processing large amounts of complex data, ensuring a smooth flow from the hands of the developers, through various build servers and optimization steps, into the final game. It integrates with all game sub systems and as a critical part of the development process it needs to be very reliable and have very good performance. 


You have extensive C++ system programming experience;
You have a passion for solving very complex problems with high quality code;
You actually like working on heavily multithreaded code;
You have excellent knowledge of C++, both at the low and high level;
You’re comfortable working with a large existing code-base and tool set;
You enjoy working in an innovative, highly technical and dynamic development environment;

Ref: 2997... We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and does not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds