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Art Director Wanted for Outsourcing Studio Chengdu, China Posted Nov 14
Interactive Selection , China (chengdu)
This AAA outsourcing studio based in Chengdu is looking for an art director to work on their projects.

Role & Responsibilities:

Manage a team or teams of Junior and Senior Artists of various ranks on a wide spectrum of projects including AAA, VR/AR, Mobile titles
Manage communication with the team and clients on artistic and technical matters
Establish and or improve Art production pipeline in coordination with other disciplines and clients
Eagle eye QC at ensuring deliverables are of expectant artistic and technical standards
Effective writer and speaker at briefing, critiquing, discussion, reportage and problem solving
Instilling best practices in the team through mentoring and experience sharing
Advocating game-developer mind-set in the team beyond mastery of artistic and technical subjects
Fostering positivity and team spirit for building up a strongly bound and cohesive team
Identifying and nurturing new or sprouting talents, participating in recruitment and planning for expansion and personnel career growth
Qualification & Requisites:

Excellent experience in one or more mainstream 3D packages (Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter/Designer, etc.) and well versed in creating and optimizing art pipelines
Strong aptitude in multiple traditional artistic disciplines to complement directorial credibility
Highly organized individual with experience in managing teams of creative minds and effective at collaborating with other disciplines
Passionate about game development and exercises game sensibility when making artistic decisions
Persuasive leadership at enforcing directive and in steering the team to achieving expectant standards
In sync with current demands and with the foresight into future trends and emerging technologies
Bachelor degree in Arts, Graphic Design or related major preferred but outstanding portfolios and a proven industry record will also be considered
At least 10 years’ experience with various game styles including AAA titles across major platforms and a proven project completion record
At least 4 years’ experience as a Senior Artist, Lead Artist or Art Team Leader and a proven record of supervising a team to greater competency and efficiency
Good working knowledge in English is a must and bilingual in Mandarin Chinese is an advantage

Ref: 2835..We are an equal opportunities recruitment agency that values diversity and do not discriminate.  We encourage clients to welcome applicants from all backgrounds.